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Bass Pro Hotel

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Jim Morris (Owned Bass Pro) is planning to build five-story, 147-room "landmark" hotel fronting Campbell, with the possibility for commercial space at Campbell and Cherokee Street.

"We have carefully planned this proposed hotel with a commitment to superior design reflective of the character and history of this region, to be a significant cultural landmark for the city of Springfield and Ozarks"
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Thanks for posting this. Yet another project from Johnny. I have a feeling he announced this to calm the tempers about the Wonders of Wildlife expansion delay, and seems like it's working. I don't know if I would consider this a "landmark hotel" but just a really nice hotel. They said it would be 4 stars so we'll see. I always thought that they should build a hotel off Sunshine where those ugly old buildings are just west of Bass Pro. They could put in more rooms and maybe an indoor water park! Now that would be awesome. Maybe I'll write em'. LOL

BTW... They are saying the expansion of WOW will put the museum on par with those in Chicago, New York, Phili... Pretty cool.

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