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IN PROGRESS:New London Harbor Towers

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So I knew that project existed, and I have always been a fan of the historiuc building involved, but I had no idea it was actually progressing still, and I had no Idea it was 9 Stories tall.

On friday leaving NL on the ferry I saw the mass of this building. its actually kind of huge for this small city. Imagine H-21 being built in Asylum Hill.

but seriously its a 9 story building fit into a 3 story block. out of scale? ehh not really, because I am thinking all the nice buildings that were there were destroyed decades ago, and the city envisions itself as a mis rise city.

check out this site from the builder.


I also suggest you check out the area on Bing maps. on birdseye you can see the historic Espositdo building and the blank spor that this thing is filling.

the good is that the development is restoring the esposito, and ultimately this thing is gonna be pretty nice.

plenty of renderings on that site


Total number of units in building: 52 residential,

3000 sq. ft. commercial

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