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Proposed:Uconn academic building

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Work will begin in October on this long delayed project.

the first building will be 70,000 SF, then the 133,000 2nd building will replace the site of the old Co-op.


The budget for both buildings is $95 million. The new buildings were part of the $1 billion UConn 2000 program, but construction was delayed because the buildings were in such demand that they could not be closed for replacement.

They were then included in the 21st Century UConn program, a $1.3 billion continuation of UConn 2000.

The original plan called for one 200,000-square-foot building to replace both Arjona and Monteith. But that plan was scrapped when officials realized that such a large building would affect pedestrian traffic and cause other access issues, Bradley said.

The first of the two buildings should be complete by summer 2011. Bradley said he anticipates that both Arjona and Monteith will remain in use until the second replacement building is completed, because Arjona and Monteith contain classrooms, lecture halls and offices. The first new building will not house any faculty offices.

The second building, which will be 133,000 square feet, will be built on the site of the old Co-op next to the Homer Babbidge Library. Construction drawings are due in November, Bradley said.

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