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Town hall mayhem


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I am VERY disappointed in how the health care debate is going... I was ENRAGED at work yesterday when two conservative co-workers of mine brought up how no one should support this legislation because of the 'death panels' which would kill the elderly with a pill. There is little constructive dialogue on this coming from the 'right' side of the fence. Nothing but beligerence and hate being spewed. Obama needs to get this back under control so we can fix this issue.

The town halls, I fear, may be a breeding ground for some form of violence. Especially in strong Republican areas.

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I think that maybe, the town halls are starting to calm down a bit. Obama had one yesterday in Montana that went well, and a "blue dog" Democratic congressman in Arkansas had one that was very calm and respectful; the crowd actually gave him a standing ovation as he entered the room. Hopefully these will set the tone for the others that will follow. But if not, I, too, am afraid that some sort of mob-like violence could potentially occur.

It's amazing how people are just willing to believe outright lies like that whole "death panel" foolishness coming from washed up Sarah Palin and reinforced by Chuck Grassley. There are actual things in the proposed legislatation(s) that are worthy of debate; there's absolutely no need to make up falsehoods here.

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