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New Dollar General on Kingston rd. problem!

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I looked on the MPC site yesterday and i noticed that Dollar General is putting up a new store on Kingston Rd.

Problem is that there is already one open not two blocks down on Bert Kouns.

Would they shut that one down and open a new one? Or what?


Further down the list of decisions on the page.

It says that there will be a subdivision built just north of said Dollar General.

Problem is that the only space on the west side of Kingston is across from Southern Hills Elem. and it also is in front the Southern Hills park.

Does something just not add up about this?

Check out the link below and give me some feedback .

7. CASE NO. C-48-09: 9000 blk Kingston Road District: 10/Cox


Forte Investments, L.L.C.

West side of Kingston Road, 440 north of Bert Kouns Industrial Loop


Site plan (Dollar General) - Related case SC-45-09

and also

8. CASE NO. SC-45-09: District: E/Webb


Bowman & Assoc.

West side of Kingston Road, approximately 325 north of Bert Kouns Industrial Loop


Forte Subdivision Related case C-48-09

Interesting to know.


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