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Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah

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NAME: Atlantis Hotel

LOCATION The Palm, Jumeira ( First Palm Island of coast of Dubai )

ROOMS: 2000

Cost: $1.1 billion. (USA $)

START: 2005

END: 2007


2,000 rooms, developed in two towers: The Royal Towers will consist of 1,200 rooms that will target luxury travelers and a second tower of 800 rooms aimed towards the middle market.

Will have two monorail stations in the hotel to connect it to the main stalk of the palm

The resort will have some unusual and distinctive archeological marine exhibits. The design will be based on the myth of Atlantis and will maintain the iconic design elements of the Royal Towers in Atlantis, Paradise Island, incorporating traditional Arabic design themes.

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I've never heard of a snorkel trail but if Dubai made it i bet it will be fun. Is it in open water with fish and what not (the only thing worth going on a snorkel trail for), and if so how could that be maintained with so many guests? The monorail will be real cool.

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Short summary of the status of projects as outlined on


Projects under construction:

The World

The Palm Jebel Ali

The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Sports City component of Dubailand

Dubai Motor City component of Dubailand

Mall of the Emirates inclusive of ski slope

Dubai Marina

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Islands Project

Burj Dubai - The World's tallest

Burj Dubai - The Residences Towers (6)

Dubai Fiancial Centre

Dubai Airport Expansion

Dubai Health Care Centre

Altantis at The Palm, Jumeirah

Jumeirah Beach Residences

The Pearl Residential and Commercial Development including 1st Opera House in the Middle East

Projects on hold:

Hydropolis (despite construction of land station, project on hold)

Ski Trac Ski Dome

Dubai Rail Dome

Projects proposed:

Dubai Light Rail System

The Pinnacle @ The Palm

Jebel Ali Airport

Additional Dubailand components

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Accoring to Shuua Capital, a large investment house, only up to the year 2007, 70,000 new residential units will be created in Dubai. I wonder which service industry or sector is going to boom enough, to draw 1/2 million people to Dubai to live there permanently?

Consequence maybe a real estate bubble bursting. Dubai needs to add more depth to its economy. Tourism does not create enough tenants to live in the '000 of newly created residence areas, and DIFC, Media Centre and all the other tax-free incubators have their own residential projects, so who is going to move in?

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It seems I was wrong on my predictions. According to a recent article in Gulf News, Dubai population has grown by a staggering 400,000 in 2004. The latest articles also indicate that supply in residential units is clearly outstripped by demand and that 2004 have seen rents rise by an average of 20-30%, causing many low-income residents to move to neighboring emirates of Sharjah and Ajman.

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Is this owned by the same people who own and run Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas? It looks very very similar... If so, that would be cool - the Atlantis Bahamas is an amazing place.

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