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2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season


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This is a thread was hoping not to start...but 62% of the named storms form in August & September.....Atlantic Hurricane Season officially began back on June 1st...but this has been the slowest start for about 20 years...well right on target the ignition switch was turned on in mid August!

Ana has really been struggling as a weak tropical storm over the far Atlantic and now downgraded to a tropical depression near the Leeward Islands...projections have the system breaking apart over the mountains of Hispanola in a few days.

On her tail...strong tropical storm Bill with 70mph winds is expected to reach hurricane status shortly...and possibly become a Major Hurricane...good news is he should stay well away from the Gulf of Mexico.

And Claudette...who suprised everyone last night..was just a rain making tropical wave in the eastern Gulf; but suddenly became a tropical depression; then tropical storm early today....about to make landfall on the Florida Panhandle with winds of 50mph...

Behind Bill another tropical wave is worth keeping an eye on...

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Wow!!! What a qiet season for the Gulf Coast thankfully....Just when you think hurricane season has long been over (typically shuts down in northern Gulf mid-Oct/except Juan in 84') Ida comes along here in early in November reminding us not to go get too comfortable just yet...

Been watching Ida for days as it survived the mountains of Nicauragua & Honduras...re-emerged over the Carribbean..strenghthening to a strong Cat#2 hurricane in the Gulf yesterday...weaking today to tropical-storm as it encountered cooler waters of north gulf + dry air & shear...now about to make landfall near Mobile Bay...

Only in November 85' hurricane Kate hit near Panama City...nothing has hit in November west of that! Til now...

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