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I would like to extend a warm welcome to the our partners and members from Hampton Roads Informs and our regular users. The new Hampton Roads section is the result of a collaborative effort between Urban Planet and Hampton Roads Informs to provide more regionally focused discussion of issues important to the residents of Hampton Roads. A little about HRInforms:

"Hampton Roads Informs is a social media website for the development of higher levels of awareness on the political process, regional and national topical focus and not-for-profit fundamentals. The audience is you, the grass roots, the citizenry of Hampton Roads."

Our Vision

By raising the awareness of our citizens on the topics that directly impact our day to day lives, we will help to improve our region and its economy via informed and involved regional citizens.

It is the intention to have Hampton Roads UP serve as a forum for HRInforms as well as to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the two sites that will help promote the causes important to our region beyond our normal audiences. HRInforms is still in it's infancy but I urge everyone to click on the link and take a look at the site once they get a chance. I hope for this to be the start on a long and mutually beneficial relationship. :)

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