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Cincinnati: Xavier University's move-in day 2009


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Xavier University's move-in day 2009

On Monday, August 24, Xavier University will admit a record class of freshmen approximately 1,200 large into the classrooms. An elongated move-in schedule that stretched from Thursday morning into Friday evening. The admission is 40 percent larger than last year's class of 860 students, and 7,152 submitted applications to Xavier. For the fall, Xavier's total student population is 6,355.

Around 90 percent of the freshmen are living on campus in residence halls along Victory Parkway and Herald Avenue corridors.

The 200-strong Xavier Move Crew, dressed in bright green t-shirts, assisted students by unloading the cars and carrying the new students' belongings up to their respective rooms. Here are several photographs from Xavier's move-in day 2009.

A father and son walk towards a dormitory.


The Xavier Move Crew helped move in items from the vehicle to the dormitory. They could unload a car in a matter of a minute.



New students walk around Bellarmine Chapel to their respective Manresa leaders.










Be sure to view all 85 photographs of the People at Xavier gallery, and you can find even more photographs at the UrbanUp Xavier University article. Xavier University has a Facebook page that all should join if you are interested in learning more about the university, or if you are faculty, staff or alumni.

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