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Wendell FOX

Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

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This isn't exactly "news" but can't think of any at the moment so here's another major Toronto project that should be seen in this forum sooner or later (they seem to have a new web site though):


Located at the corner of Queen and University streets, this building will serve as a "gateway" to the financial district zone and the darker, more businesslike buildings there while being located strategically at the eastern end of the famous Queen St. West streetscape. In particular I think it'll provide good contrast next to the Sheraton hotel, one of the most drab buildings in the city:











A virtual tour is also available on the site.

Construction is to be completed in 2006.

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Small renderings but BIG space. 4 tiers of seating above the ground floor seating in the large auditorium. :huh:

Construction pics are fairly up-to-date on the web site.

Is The Sheraton the one to the right in the last render pic post?

The logo is pretty nice. I guess representing the 4 seasons circling earth (derr) but called Wagner's Ring after his 16 damn hour Opera "Ring des Nibelungen" Obviosuly they chose Wagner over Viavaldi's 4 Seasons for promo reasons.


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Looks really nice. I can't wait for it to be there. I can't believe it was a surface parking lot for so long. What a good area, between Eaton Centre and WQueen West Village!

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