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Hartford A Top College Town

Bill Mocarsky

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Well as far as trinity the only real problem is that the school never really grew.

If the school never made the choice to be "optimized" at 500 students back at the turn of the century, I think we would see a different Hartford today.

the cap of 500 students remained untill 1968 when the school opened its doors to African-Americans and other minorities, then women in 1969

If the school allowed a slightly more organic growth during those first 70 years of the 20th century, it would be safe to say that Trinity might have 5000 students today, and the campus would likely stretch further N and East of todays boarders. Also with 5000 students, the areas surrounding campus that are now owned and rented as off campus housing would be more than twice as large creating such a mass of youthfull energy that the S end might feel more inviting.

Park street would still be a major latino business district, but I think it would also have a major college town weel on its western end.

Uhart has done pretty well in growing, but its campus is heavily weighted to the N and W of its campus. as the school has tried to interact moew with the North End, it is putting services kind of out of the way.

I would love to see that housing project to the S given to the school, to co-inside with a major expansion. Uhart, at 7500 students or 10,000 would me a major force in Hartfords North End.

at 5000 students, it is certainly a major anchor that keeps the NW corner of Hartford, and West Hartford filled with wealthy people, so for that its a great asset.

I think both schools are actually helping more than 10 years ago, and it seems that UHarts is planning growth, so that is also a positive.

I doubt trinity will plan for enrollment growh very much unfortunately. its a great school, but schools that small tend to like to stay that small.

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