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Lexington, Ky. | A tour of the city (Part 1)

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A tour of Lexington, Kentucky (Part 1)

Known as the "Horse Capitol of the World," Lexington, Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Wildcats, the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University. It is also the home of many diverse and unique neighborhoods, a lively downtown, and many new urban construction projects that are changing the urban landscape of the city.

This is part one of a photographic tour of Lexington, from the university to downtown to some interesting neighborhoods, taken over the period of 2009.

Lexington is home to several major structures that define the city amidst the rolling farmlands of central Kentucky.

Vine Street is not much to look at. Converted from a railroad throughfare to a three- and four-lane one-way highway, the current definition of the road is too wide, too well-timed and absent of any interesting street life. Proposals call for the Town Branch creek to be restored as a canal and for two-way traffic to be installed.


Victorian Square was an early attempt at restoring deteriorated structures for new uses. While it was a more upscale mall, it has since transformed into an entertainment and restaurant hub for the convention area.


Cheapside has been closed to traffic. Phase one, recently completed, moved many old memorials and monuments to other locales. Temporary pavers were installed for a farmer's market. As part of phase two, a permanent shelter and streetscaping will be installed.



Phase one:



This building, at the corner of West Short and Market, is being restored for an upscale restaurant and nightclub.


A proposal for North Mill Street calls for the closure of the street in the evenings to foster the development of restaurants and nightclubs in this densely packed street.



Two handsomely restored buildings:


Main Street


A view of East Short Street towards the courthouse complex.


Locally-owned shops and restaurants line North Limestone.



View the remainder of this blog post, covering downtown, the 500's on the Main, Centrepointe, Chase Tower, Cheapside, Lexington Center and Nunn Building Lofts. Stay tuned for more updates on other districts and development projects.

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