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Slightly off topic: Very interesting article in today's observer about jail space in Union county. Its really the standard story, limited tax revenue precludes expanding public facilities to keep pace with growth. The most interesting part of the article (IMO) was this tidbit:

"Union County has the second-largest debt per capita in the state and is grappling with capital request needs that could top $300 million over the next few years."

While I know I am preaching to the choir, this struck me as clear evidence of the fiscally irresponsibility of the burbs when connected to the low-tax / no impact fee development strategy long trumpeted in Union. It also makes me wonder why we don't see more studies of the fiscal impact of densification, infill and transit -- if the revenue benefits are there why don't we talk about them with objective measures? While the libertarian whiners in our midst are never going to recognize the environmental unsustainability of the burbs, they might acknowledge the fiscal irresponsibility of the lifestyle when the crises looms in their own backyards.


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