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D'iberville & Gulfport Transit Stations

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CTA transit hubs planned for D'Iberville, downtown Gulfport

In a nutshell, Coast Transit is seeing how successful the Biloxi transfer station is, and is planning something similar for D'iberville and Gulfport.

In my opinion, this is a great idea. The Biloxi station is really nice, has Greyhound and local buses servicing it, and has just added a new restaurant in the other part of the building. And Amtrak's little station is right across the street.

Gulfport's situation is pretty bad, as they are still a long way from recovering from Katrina. Greyhound is in a converted service station. Coast Transit's transfer center is the bottom floor of a parking garage 1/4 mile away from anything. And the Amtrak station (about 1/10 mile from the Greyhound station) still has quite a bit of Katrina damage. Although there was no talk about a 3-way transportation center, i would love to see the new transfer station right on the railroad tracks. The Amtrak line will come back eventually, and it would be a pain in the butt to have to walk across traffic from the bus to the train station. Plan ahead and make a TRUE multimodal center.

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