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Saginaw, MI (Part II)

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In part I, only the core of the downtown was shown because I didn't have much time. In this part, I wll show photos of more of the East side, with the West side photos coming soon in part III.

If you haven't seen Part I, Click Here


Hayes Specialties sells carnival prizes for events throughout Michigan. It is located in the very center of the East Side on Genesee Ave. This road used to be the main route to Flint and Detroit before I-75 was constructed.


The Rescue Mission Building


The back of the Saginaw Public Library.


This building has sat vacant since I was kid. Yet, it still remains in excellent condition.


The Castle Museum


It was formerly a post office.


Across the street sits this lonely office building. It is currently at full occupancy.


A building next door


Saginaw doesn't have too many empty lots in the city center except these few blocks. The removal of the structures in this area came about during the 70's when a major urban renewal project was started. Suprisingly, some of the other empty lots were filled with buildings constructed in the 80's (most of them governmental) as a result of the project. They all faced the wrecking ball 15 years later.


Also across the street from the Castle Museum is the former Jacobson's Department store. It closed just a few years ago, not because of its location, but because the chain was struggling. The building is awaiting redevelopment into an office complex.


More of the library.



SBC Building


Ugly Tower


The back of the Bancroft Apartments


Progressive Insurance Building bought this building on the banks of the Saginaw River. It has been restored back to its original state.


Morley Park. Formerly home to the Morley Brother's building, it was razed in the late 80's after it made its move to the suburbs. My mother used to work there as a computer programmer on the fifth floor. The first floor has an arcade featuring numerous shops that stayed open till the building's demolition. The building was literally a ticking time bomb, as the basement was a storehouse for gunpowder.


Some storefronts along Washington.


Another shot looking down Washington Ave.


The restored Temple Theatre.


A closeup of the First National Bank Building, now Citizens


Riverfront looking North


Looking South


Front of Bancroft Apartments


An old warehouse near the river. The art deco has been restored along the top. The inside was completely gutted years ago to make it more appealing to developers.


Again the Progressive Insurance Building. The front entrance was interesting.


It's not what is seems. This is the Saginaw County Events Center's new entrance. The building was doomed to closure, and possible demolition when the city ran out of money. The county voted to keep it open, but instead be paid for by county dollars. Under new management, the center has had some great events and shows, and now an Ontario Hockey League Team, the Saginaw Spirit. Formerly called the Saginaw Civic Center, it was part of the massive urban renewal project.


Not very interesting architecture. The arena deserves a smaller image.


On the other side is the Heritage Theatre.


This hotel was another part of the urban renewal project. It features more boring architecture. But it fills empty space, and is helping the downtown.


Saginaw built this elevated walkway system linking the parking ramp to the former mall and the events center


The Saginaw Center was the urban renewal project's attempt at a downtown mall. It failed during the 90's and was converted into a downtown annex of Delta College. The skywalk the linked the events center to the mall was located where that window above the doors was. After the new entrance was built for the arena, it was removed.


A view of the downtown skyline.


Another shot taken from the West side


Driving further down Washington Avenue, is the water purification plant. This is the pumping station.


Anderson Waterpark. Because of money problems, the city closed the park in 2003. The money has come around again, and the park is scheduled to reopen in 2005 after some minor repairs and renovations.


A pond with the Waterworks behind it.


The front of the Waterworks.

THE FINAL PART is now available

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Nice pics of Saginaw.

I didn't realize it had a skyline.

And the city looks really clean while maintaning it's historical buildings.

The river is also a plus.

This looks like a little over looked gem.

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Nice pics. I've always hated that ugly tower on top of the SBC building for some reason. Saginaw has a lot of untapped potential.

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