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Hartford Among Top Cities Being Considered for USA Women's Basketball


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I forgot to post this yesterday but this is pretty exciting. This would be a huge score for Hartford if the city can pull this off. This is a pretty prestigious thing and could only help cement our place as the Women's Basketball capital of the world.

Hartford Courant

Should USA Basketball ultimately decide to bring its women's senior national team to Hartford for future training camps and exhibition games, the arrangements will need to be made without much assistance from the team's coach, UConn's Geno Auriemma.

It's not that Auriemma doesn't care, or says training in Connecticut for the World Championships (2010) and London Olympics (2012) isn't a good idea. He just feels its not right for him to get deeply involved in the process.

Hartford Courant Blog

As days go, I would imagine Tuesday was fairly exhilarating for women's basketball fans - and those who plan events for them - in the Greater Hartford area.

When the head of USA women's basketball says she might be interested in talking more to people about bringing her Olympic team to town, the one that's coached by Geno Auriemma and may eventually feature a handful of his former UConn players, people tend to move to the edge of their seats.

Like Chuck Steedman, for instance.

"We are thrilled to be in consideration by USA Basketball for the women's basketball training camp and events that will lead up to London 2012," said Steedman, the senior VP and GM of Northland AEG at the XL Center.

"We all know that Connecticut, and Hartford in particular, is the capital of women's basketball and to be considered for these events is a testament to that. We very much look forward to working with USA Basketball and all of our partners in Hartford to present the best possible bid for these events. Our goal is to continue to bring great events to the region and this certainly qualifies."

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