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2020 Olympics


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There could be a bright side to Chicago losing the bid for 2016. Detroit and Windsor need to consider what has long been rumored -- joining together and pushing to host the olympics. That would be a first, and firsts' seem to get the votes.

What'd ya'll think?

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I think that Faygo pop is pushing something like that.

I was happy Chicago Lost because I think a Detroit/ Windsor joint bid would be the front runner.

Also, Detroit has the record of the city with the most national nominations with out a single win for the Olympics.

Just put a big stadium on Belle Isle for the opening / closing cermonie with views of the Detroit and Windsor skylines and it would be perfect.

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Interesting thought here. I've toyed with the general idea in a grand scheme of things.

I think if the larger capacity stadiums were placed on University of Windsor's campus and then grant the stadiums to the University after the games would be nice to see some regional play that the area hardly ever sees.

With a Belle Isle outdoor event development between Oakway and Central Ave it could deter the crime issues that currently are a problem in the undeveloped parts of the island. Meanwhile, keeping the land between Central and Strand natural would add to the ecologically diverse area in plainsight more enjoyable and more willing to explore. Now, if the Aquarium could be brought back to life and the old DYC site, that greets you on the way out, got redeveloped as a possible hotel (park hours consideration) that'd be great.

Redeveloping the Cobo site would be a no-brainer for the Olympics. Also, using the old Tiger Stadium site as an Olympic Village or Marketplace would be nice, but would all surrounding property owners be willing to clean up and redevelop? Doubt it.

A huge issue with a DTW Olympics would be the Bridge and Tunnel. Traffic is already terrible and adding an Olympics to the mix... well. A border-controlled ferry service would be great, but Homeland Security would likely shoot that down before the ink dries.

Just a quick jot of ideas.

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I think Detroit has the potential to host the Olympics sometime in the future, but I don't think it has the money to host it now.

I do think a joint US/Canada Detroit-Windsor bid would be quite special, and if it got to that point (both cities would have to win at the national level, and it would take a lot of cooperation to arrange that), I think it would have a pretty good chance of winning.

Other discussions and the past bids have shown that we actually have the venues to hold a lot of the events, so the idea of hosting the Olympics isn't impractical, but being able to do a good job of hosting it, or being able to get the politics and money to be able to put together a successful bid is another story.

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