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Strong Fragrant plants in the north georgia mountains and appalahain mountains

kendal 8

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Hi everyone i just got back from the north georgia mountains yesterday.The north georgia mountains are part of the appalachain mountains.Ok while riding around in the mountains with my windows down the strong wonderful smell hit me right in my face so i pulled over on the side of the road and got out of my car and tryied to find out where the smell was coming from.The strong sweet cimmanon like smell was right there by me so i went around sniffing every plant i could get to but could not find it theres just so many plants and woods up there its really going to be hard to find.I was really upset when i left the mountains without the plant because i really was looking forward to finding the plant while i was there.Can anyone possible please tell me what this smell is and what plant or tree or what is putting off that strong wonderful smell.And has anyone else smelled the smell too.And also i think but not a 100 percent sure it could be a green plant with leaves giving off the strong sweet like cimmanon odor.And if someone please in north georgia is nice enough and has smelled this smell in there yard or near the woods where they live if they could go and figure out where the smell is coming from and try to dig the plant up with a shovel when digging the plant up be really careful and make sure that the roots stay attached to the plant when you have dug it up.And if someone finds it and digs it up if they can please be nice enough and send the plant to me.My email is [email protected] My address is 1714 8th street south.My state is alabama and my city is phenix city alabama and my zipcode is 36869-7718 And also if anyone sends the right plant to me im looking for that is putting off the strong wonderful smell.You may be rewarded with some cash.

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