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Old Lowe's Grove School (@NC54/55)


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I'm fairly new to Durham, having moved there from Raleigh in May, and while looking for Halgo's market I stumbled upon an old hulk of a building on South Alston just before it intersects NC 55, right behind where they're building the new South Regional library. A bit of searching told me this was the old Lowe's Grove school, but I can't find much more info on it. Old buildings fascinate me, and this one looks like it was pretty good-looking long ago, so does anyone have more info about it? When it was built, why/how long it's been abandoned, pictures in its heyday, the future of the site?

I'm trying to find out more about Durham history, and have found the Endangered Durham blog to be an excellent source, but he doesn't (or hasn't yet) cover quite that far out from the city center...

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From what I know, it closed in the early 80s and the school system has no plans for it as of yet.


Here are links a couple pictures of the school:



The school from what I read was actually a large complex of different buildings at one point, some of which have been torn down to make way for new stuff.

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Concerning the history of Lowe's Grove School...

Try this 2006 article from the News & Observer.

Also, the bible of Durham history is an enormously well researched book by Jean Bradley Anderson. Here's part of what she has to say about the school and surrounding environs. She should have a newly revised edition out soon; it's worth every penny.


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