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Orlando IMPROV is BACK in 2010


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That is great news to hear! It's too bad Kuhn kicked them out of church street as the improv did great downtown but it is what it is. Pointe Orlando is turning into a nice spot and this should give it a big boost. They should also be able to get bigger name comedians more frequently on I-drive so this is a good win for Orlando.

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too bad not at CSS. BUT, I agree, great for I-Drive and Pointe Orlando.

its too bad b/c it is a business that downtown was able to support before they moved out... that's what sucks. It will of course do well on I-Drive.

Is the I-Drive Howl at the Moon the one that was at CSS, or was it a second location?

I'll tell you what they should do on CSS... do what Pleasure Island had at one time--- those DJ's in that elevated booth that would address the crowd with the stage nearby... they should have one of the local sports radio or other DJ's open up shop on CHurch St. and air their shows from there and also have a loudspeaker to liven the street. I think there could be something there with that idea... or not...

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