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North Knoxville


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Anyone know what's going around north Knoxville?? The area is a north of I-40 and little east of I-275 before the Baxter Ave exit. Two cranes are up in the sky. I figure it must be a pretty big project if there are two cranes. Non-portable cranes too. I will try to get a picture tomorrow and check it out.

What's going on Knoxville??!?! I am orginally from Nashville. I have been living in Knoxville for about a year now. I really like the place. Nashville will always be home and the best in my book, but I really enjoy Knoxville. I live in North Knoxville, Woodland-Central-Broadway. I really like the neighborhood. Older homes with a mix of people. I really love the historic district though! Knoxville has a ton of potential. I will try to be more invovled in this forum. Very busy at the moment writing a thesis, but I will try my best to post. I have a ton of pics to post from Nashville and Knoxville.

The only things I know going on around town are: two cranes in North Knoxville on mystery project, UT building (computer-electrical engineering?), UT just got through upgrading the suites(?) on the stadium, something going up at Ft. Sanders Hospital, and there is a building going up out west (sorry I forgot exactly where, it is right off the interstate). I will try to get more details if I can. I also apologize for the vagueness and/or errors for locations.

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