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South by Southwest

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Hello UP!!! from England. I'm back in the matrix and ready to show off some pics(drivebye) I took on our cross countty trek from Nevada to NC. For those who dont know I got reasigned to England in July. I took a quick restcation(new word) in NC and now I reside in gloomy, dark and damp England. Its funny the state or county here is called Suffolk and to the north is Norfolk(shire). I found Durham, England and saw a very old painting of Princess Charlotte of Meklenburg. Anyway I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics I was driving and taking pics at the same time. I would have took more pics but in my haste I packed my battery charger and the camera virtually dead for the final 1000 miles. Of course those were the most important miles since I had enough charge through the New Mexico desert. Well here ya go and I have some more shots to add to the NC pic of the day.

We start at the Colorado river bridge thats under constuction. This will bypass the Hoover dam.

Hello Arizona

The painted desert cliffs of New Mexico

Albuqurque valley. Its bigger than you think...lovley city

Now entering the bible belt. 200 mile west of Amarillo

Panhandle Texas need I say more.

The Yin

and the Yang quite ironic I thought

OKC on I-40

Memphis...the most magnificent view I have seen of a southern city

The Music city surprised me. Great roads all around Tennessee

French Broad River almost home to NC

Great Smokies

Nothin could be finer

Beaucather tunnel


The Capital City



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