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Parchment Paper Mill


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I've been keeping an eye on this project with vague interest for some time and was surprised to find such a favorable update.

Mill Project Takes Leap Forward

I'm not particularly a cynic when it comes to this stuff, but in these times I thought of the original proposal as little more than pie-in-the-sky ideas.

But nevertheless, it seems they've been able to secure some funding and tax credits to redevelop the old paper mill in downtown Parchment into homes, offices and retail.

The initial plans for the site seem rather promising too; certainly more than just some bland suburban development.

Here are several more articles from past updates

Feb. 16, 2009

Feb. 14, 2009

The project website

River Reach LLC

The City of Parchment

City of Parchment - River Reach

And the Site Plan


There are still quite a few hurdles to clear. Being a former paper mill, there are, no doubt, a number of environment issues to overcome - and to be honest I don't see how they can possibly redevelop the site without releasing tons of PCBs back into the river. But we'll keep an eye on it

Certainly some good news in troubled times.

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