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Tavern on the Square - Ionia Ave


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wow, I think it looks terrible.... The old brick with off colored paints and the such COULD be cool but it almost has to be done perfectly. However, the new brick makes the whole building look cheap (i think that's the word I am looking for). They should have used wrought iron or something instead of the bricks.

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The new brick knee walls are being removed. They were not installed per HPC guidelines - note the projection of the knee walls past the existing brick pilasters. This brick infill, if properly installed would have been recessed a few inches and been a lot less obnoxious. The knee walls were installed this way because the masons allegedly did not want (or said it was not possible) to cut a few bricks in the corner to avoid a sprinkler riser (which the building did not even require). So they ended up projecting the walls to avoid the riser in one isolated location and then the decision was made in the field to do all the walls this way.

I believe the plan is to remove the brick and replace it with an panelized system of wood or wood-like substance which will be painted.

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