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Remember how we've sometimes kidded about a UP clubhouse? Here's the next best thing.

38 Fulton, third floor above San Chez. (Signage and office listing are coming, promise.) Wifi, an assortment of comfy chairs, great views, a conference room, white boards, entreprenurial colleagues with whom to hang out, coffee, and did I mention the great views?


This is one of those "peace prize" type of views. Someday...


Coffee table seating in one of the spaces. (I am a fan of multi-colored squares.)



[This is not a commercial] They are offering memberships, and if one of my irons in the fire heats up I will move right in. Oh wait, I can't. Well, I'll be there every day!


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Their website looks remarkably similar to the the one that "The Collective" had when they opened their similar concept space out in Kentwood, complete with workout center and climbing wall.

I wish them the best and I hope that they are more successful with this incarnation. It seems like a smaller space to fill and it would have less overhead.

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