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I travel a lot. One of the interesting things when traveling to smaller cities during the holiday times is you get to see the way they celebrate the holidays. I find smaller cities, where there is a big sense of tight community often show the best holiday spirit.

For instance, I visited San Antonio just after the holidays. That city goes all out decorating for the holidays. The warm weather and tight nit but green city core really made for a great backdrop. Portland Maine also had a nice holiday feel to it. Though small, they make up for the lack of a big budget by spending as much time outside socializing even in the cold of December.

To keep up my airline status this year I have to make one or two flights this December, and I am looking for a city that has a great sense of holiday spirit. It doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be cold OR warm, or religious. I want to find the place with the best sense of spirit. Where should I go this year?

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