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Hartford Business Owners Too Lazy for Success?


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not harsh enough. i've lived downtown for years now, i don't need a parade to figure that there's no where to go on saturday and sunday until 4pm if you wanted to have decent food and drink - i have to say i am surprised about mcdonalds though, it always seems open, if only to act as a restroom for the homeless.

the article is exactly right, people will go back to their suburbia and will spend that money there.

how can hartford expect to charge the rents at 21 and condo prices when even the basic necessities of the city are not available on the weekend, not to even mention lack of a grocery store? that's why the downtown realestate is so depressed, you can only sell this dream to so many gullibles before they realize that they still have to get the hell out of downtown if they ever need anything.

nothing will get better until the city starts offering things that a city should offer, the fluff can only take it so far.

I wasn't in Hartford for the parade but I kind of agree especially on UConn Sunday games. Kinda sad cause Channel 3 used to be big supporters of Hartford until they moved to Rocky Hill.


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I totally agree with Dennis. I mean WTF??? These are the same business people who complain about Hartford being dead but they do nothing to take advantage of the times when Hartford becomes alive. It's really ridiculous and inexcusable. These business owners ony have themselves to blame for their lack of success if they are not willing to serve the Downtown crowds when there are large events. They say they want a larger customer base on weekends in order to justify opening but they will never build this customer base if they are not open. I really can't even wrap my mind around what the problem is. I understand payroll and all that, but damnit just make sure you have someone to work on event days!

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It is true that only a few events actually are recognized by the local business community.

I was downtown for the marathon and the city was hopping. I didnt actually notice too many resturants closed, but most everything else was. regardless, that was a Saturday and and the marathon is a known draw that keeps people downtown for 6 hours. Also St Patricks day is another time the business people recognize the benefits. generally its just the bars and such, but hell, even places like Dish were open. And I am sure CCVS did bang up business.

45,000 people seems like a plenty good reason to open. the marathon only brings 30,000 downtown right?

I really hope the business comunity starts to wake up on these big weekends. I fully agree with Mr House.

I remember when I was in my early 20s, there were a few bars in my town jockeying to be the place to be. each had their regulars, but there clearly was not enough business for all of them. On slow nights, each of the bars would close. no set time, no warning, just close for the night. sometimes, this would be 11PM, and in a 4AM state, that was just crazy. eventually, one of the bars decided that they would be open untill 3 AM at the least no matter what. mainly because of a cool bartender who wanted to stay out herself. This bar promptly became the place to go, and they were open untill 4+ every night. yes, even on sunday/Monday they did brisk business from all the hospitality workers.

having 1 bar guaranteed to be hopping made more people come out at night than before, and the other 2 bars even did decent business.

Vauhgns, City Steam, and Jojos are the rock that keeps downtown going.

In my dream world, it is these events that the city will support and build on.

If we had that 2 day boat race, and a few other big events to add to the 8 or so events we have now, the city could showcase its assets to the outlying community. Mind you closed stores is not showcasing. So we have a long way to go here.

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I think Quizno's is open on Saturday as well. In fairness to other places, we didn't do that much more on the parade day. And last few Sundays are very quiet, normally I don't mind but last week I missed the Pats Colts game. I bet had I been watching Belichick wouldn't have called that boneheaded play.

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