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I plan on on retiring the projects listing threads in both Norfolk and Va. Beach and adding the data from these threads to the new project databases we have for each respective city. Example Needless to say, this is a daunting task and I don't quite have the time to do it all myself. Anyone can add a project to the database however so what I plan to do is unlock each of the projects threads and let people take information from them and add it to the database as they see fit. Any unmentioned urban projects may also be added to the list (no subdivisions please :D ). Once a particular project with all pertinent information has been added to the database, and this information has been reviewed for accuracy, I will lock that project from any further editing. If you have added a project to the database, please either send me a pm or post in this thread that you have done so so that I can review it, lock it, and delete the entry from the original projects listing threads. Thanks in advance for your help. :thumbsup:

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