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While the economy with regards to development is down, the architectural rendering business is booming; at least with regards to the SoBro area. The 29 story Pinnacle office building was just completed next to the new Symphony Hall and next to the 22 story Encore Condos. The proposed six square block convention center is in the land acquisition stage and the operators and developers of the connected, 47 story hotel have been selected. Now there are a couple of renderings for other proposals or projects related to the convention center which have appeared on the web.

The 40 story (+/-) Peabody Hotel rendering from their architect's web site could possibly have been their proposal for the primary hotel or an associated, independent hotel. I understand they have an interest in making a strong Nashville presence.


Then there is the Tower Investments proposal for a 36 story (+/-) mixed use tower on the CC site itself. This may represent some gamesmanship on the part of Tower to claim a higher value for their land, but there could possibly be some actual intent for development of the subject lot.


Regardless, it is interesting to see the possibilities for the further development of three 35+ story buildings in the area.

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