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Skate park @I-84 tunnel

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So, When I was talking to some people about the "useless" park overtop the I-84 tunnel @ the recent Highway workshp, a woman interupted and started talking about a skate park.

Apparently there are serious talks about turning it into a proper skate park designed by area skaters etc...

sounds awsome to me. Counter culture is what makes a city interesting. we sure know that Hartford has enough suits, and more than its fair share of thugs, what it lacks seemingly is artists and renegades of sorts. Skaters are part of that mix and I for one would love to see more of them

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here is why I am psyched

A skate park is design specific with curves and bowls and ramps, it is a spot on a map, it is a place just for the skaters. A place to meet people of the same ilk (even if they are strangers)

There are tons of skate places, but not all that many true skate parks.

The skate community will congregate here more than they do now by far. many red bulls will be bought by whomever sells them.

events may even be held here.

never underestimate the economic benefits an attraction like this can bring to the city.

If you look into the skate park selection in the state, there are a bunch but they are all pretty small, and basic.

from what I head the plan here is big, so this is the place that kids would come to from other towns.

something like this in scale


there are tons of tours like this


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I understand, I skated for the better part of 15 years. Some of my best friends still skate on a daily basis. But, just so you know, skate parks can just be natural terrain (and by natural I mean man-made natural, not made to be skate-specific). The area that they want to put this has been a skater hangout for years, and while not specifically a park, it's a nice skate spot. The truth is, sometimes it's more fun to ride a skate spot than a park, the rebellion is part of the fun, if you will. That being said, something like this is long overdue, and this will make a great spot even greater. Burnside in Portland, OR is a perfect example of this (though a different situation, Burnside is under an existing bridge, this will be over one).


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