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WIS Antenna: Eyesore?

I Miss Columbia

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You're not the only one who thinks the tower does no favors for the skyline, but for me it has never taken anything more than traveling to other cities and seeing the same types of eyesores to make me realize I was focusing too much on a necessary aesthetic evil. For instance, when driving into beautiful Asheville from the Columbia side, take a look at the gigantic telephone signal apparatus that is a big chunk of their skyline. Asheville's Corgimatts (quite obsessed over aesthetics) must wish it would go away, but all cities have those clinkers no matter how beautiful they are. The WIS tower pretty much blends in if you don't focus on it.

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It's not attractive, but every city has them. Come up to Spartanburg and check out our red and white monster.

They only thing they can go is have an antenna off site somewhere, but that's typically cost prohibitive. IMO, the best solution is to put it on top of a skyscraper, like they did on the old WTC building in NYC.

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