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Caraleigh Mills


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Just wanting to hear from some people out there who might have lived at Caraleigh Mills or know someone who lived there. We are currently looking at a unit and wanted to know the pros and cons of the units (unit to unit noise levels, crime, HOA, etc). According to my research, some of the units are not selling and the prices have dropped. Is this because of the market or a reflection of the property/area?? It doesn't look like a nice neighborhood either. ? Any thoughts?

Thanks for any info!

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While I personally have no knowledge of this specific development, I would advise to stay away from an area if you do not feel that it is safe. Regardless if it is safe or not, if you personally do not feel safe when in the immediate area, then you're likely not going to be comfortable living there. You would always be second guessing yourself when after the purchase. Choose a location where you are extremely happy and feel very comfortable at. This is definitely a buyer's market so you have the advantage here.

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I don't know much about the units in this development, but I can tell you that the area that it's in is undergoing redevelopment. Most of that redevelopment has occurred thus far just north of the condos, at the intersection of Wake Forest Rd. and Six Forks Rd, where you will find Trader Joe's, Kroger, a post office, Borders, Costco and a large number of chain stores. Going a bit further up the Wake Forest Rd, there is a major hospital, hotels and tons of restaurants, etc. If you go just a bit further up Six Forks Rd, you will run into the North Hills mall area, which is one of the best developments in the city. I would advise that you ask more on the Triangle boards. There are a lot of knowledgeable people there ;)

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