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Shreveport Verizon call center closing


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Well, as most of you know by now the Shreveport Verizon call center will close on April 1, 2010.

This will mean that between 350-400 people will lose their jobs.

Wouldn't you think that this would be a newsworthy story to cover?

Not if you were the Shreveport Times or KTBS 3 news.

My wife found out about her call center closing next year around midday yesterday and by 430 the channel 12 van was outside doing a piece on it.

They were the only tv station locally to cover it, Shreveport Times didn't even run it.

I know how newspapers work and they could have dispatched someone out there to cover it before 10-11 pm.

But they didn't, it's a lack of journalistic integrity to let some stories come and others to go.

The friggin liberals in charge there don't want people to hear about job losses, especially when their golden boy Obama is in charge.

Journalistic integrity, being unbiased in reporting, doing due diligence... these are things missing from newspapers and most local tv stations today.

That is why papers are going bankrupt and most tv news' ratings are in the toilet.

Sorry about the rant, just had to vent.


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