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New Direct Trade Coffee Club


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We're getting the word out about a new direct trade coffee club that some local investors have recently started, included in the group is the owner of MadCap Coffee.

Thought you'd want to check out the Club for yourself:




Here is some of their news release:

Direct Trade Coffee Club launching in Grand Rapids with intention of reaching global marketplace

Group aims to use online tools to educate & promote direct trade coffee while providing subscribers with single origin roasts from some of the nation’s leading roasters

E-commerce site went live on Black Friday; Group’s Facebook site already has more than 400 fans

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Four enterprising Grand Rapids coffee lovers, including the owner of MadCap Coffee, have started a socially-conscious coffee club with the intention of bringing some of the world’s best coffees to homes across the United States. The club will start shipping member subscriptions in January 2010.

The Direct Trade Coffee Club, (www.dtcoffeeclub.com) started in late 2009 by Grand Rapidians Kirby Watson, Chad Morton, Ryan Knapp and MadCap owner Trevor Corlett, aims to promote direct trade coffee while providing members with a unique coffee experience. The product appears to be resonating with socially-conscious coffee lovers across the nation as the Club’s Facebook page already has over 400 fans. Going forward, the Club plans to use Google, Facebook and Twitter media as the primary marketing tools to promote the product to a global audience.

“We believe the practice of direct trade in the coffee business is the best business model for all parties involved in the coffee industry,” says Direct Trade Coffee Club partner Kirby Watson, who also owns search engine optimization agency, Jasper SEO. “We started the club to promote the idea and provide a national market place for the roasters who participate in direct trade.”

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