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Decorating for Christmas


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I have to admit, our house isn't decorated nearly as much as many of our neighbors during the holidays. We put up a tree, but it isn't visible from the street at most angles. We have a wreath on our door, but it isn't the traditional kind. We certainly don't have lights strung anywhere (other than the tree), but I'm not opposed to such.

Here is a couple of light shows that would most definitely put any I've ever seen to shame:

How far do you go with holiday decorations?

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That is cool!. People are getting very creative. There was a house out west that had lights that flashed to music on a radio station. and in WInston-Salem a man had christmas lights that anyone could control on the internet. People in Egypt were turning his lights on and off.

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Don't get me wrong - I love lights. But those mega displays are less Christmas lights and more Las Vegas Billboards. Disney houses the Osborne lights - it is somewhat a let down because every inch is covered, and it all just kind of blends into a wall of lights. There is a house near us that has all their Christmas lights on a chaser. It all does it at once so it is like the house is getting beamed up to the Enterprise.

I like the smaller but more special displays. A lot of people and places don't get into those anymore. I remember when every mall would have huge dioramas set up where you rode a little train through a fake forest.

I also kinda miss those large lights. We have one house near us as well - the owner used to do store windows for a long gone department store. He mixes the large and small lights, with just a few bulbs flashing. It is a really impressive effect.

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