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Costco Coming to Chattanooga

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Technically the location isn't in Chattanooga proper but in the Chattanooga Metro/Market.

Costco is rumored to be completing details with Catoosa County and Fort Oglethorpe GA on a site at Cloud Springs Road Exit on I-75. 1.5 miles South of TN/GA state line, 1st Exit in GA heading South.

Legalities and paper work are being finished and an official announcement is expected soon.

Catoosa County will buy the land for the 60 acre site, and use increased sales tax revenue to repay it.

This location will allow Costco to bypass Tennessee's silly laws pertaining to alcohol, and allow customers to pay lower sales taxes (7% vs 9.25%). However, if Tennesseans were honest they would pay the difference back to the state at tax time. I also believe it is illegal to bring alcohol across state lines, but I don't have a reference for that, and it obviously isn't enforced.

I've always thought that exit would be utilized for that purpose. It will be nice for Chattanooga to have a Costco complete with wine sales, unlike the other Tennessee locations. If only Georgia would allow Sunday alcohol sales outside of restaurants.

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It's official now.

18 months of negotiations will lead to a new Costco in Chattanooga area in Aug 2010.

Maybe Knoxville will get the Costco they have been wanting for soon.

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