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3D TV?


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So the big product at this year's CES was 3D television. I just brought my living room into the 21st century last year with my purchase of a 42" LCD TV (replaced a 27" CRT) and now they want me to upgrade to a 3D TV? :dontknow:

From what I'm hearing, most sets next year will be 3D capable, would require a 3D Blu-Ray player (unless you're getting your content from something like DirecTV's upcoming 3D channel), and would require you to put on some fancy eye-wear.

Are any of you planning on jumping on the 3D train this year or next year? I watched Coraline in 3D on my home television and thought it looked ok, so I'm really not sure what the 3D specific sets will offer in addition. I assume it will just be of a higher quality.

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I like 3D as a special effect for a movie with spectacular visuals. Having it all the time would take way some of the novelty I guess. It would suck to have to replace a TV again so soon. I'm still satisfied with my big screen in HD, not to mention the cash I laid out for it. 3D TV will have to wait a long time for me to spend that kind of money again.

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