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Eddie Perez, enemy of democracy.

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beerbeer    6

HARTFORD — - Mayor Eddie A. Perez and a city police officer working under orders from Chief Daryl K. Roberts used their authority to prevent four members of a town Democratic committee challenge slate from collecting petition signatures, according to a complaint filed Tuesday with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

The complaint alleges that on Jan. 13, Venice Sotomayor and Sammy Vasquez were turned away from the Fox Manor senior housing complex at 461Washington St. by property manager Edwin Lopez, who told them they could not collect petition signatures "unless we talked to Mayor Perez and get his permission."


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Luca Brasi    1

In light of what Eddie Perez has been through in the last year, this story is unbelievable. Like all criminals, this guy just doesn't get it. The guy is still a common street thug.

History will look back at Eddie Perez as the worst mayor this city has ever had.

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