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Which neighborhood will be next to gentrify?


Which neighborhood will be the next to gentrify?  

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  1. 1. Which neighborhood will be the next to gentrify?

    • South Converse
    • Beaumont
    • Spartan Mills
    • Park Hills
    • Cleveland Park

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The recent post about the potential impacts of the VCOM campus to the Spartan Mills neighborhood got me thinking- nationally, urban neighborhoods are seeing a re-genesis. Spartanburg has not escaped the trend. Most of the redevelopment of older neighborhoods has been concentrated in Hampton Heights, though I've read about some planned efforts in Beaumont. I personally think that it's just a matter of time before most of the neighborhoods listed above are gentrified... so the question is which one will go next? Also, is gentrification a good thing for Spartanburg?

Beaumont seems like the next likely candidate since the Preservation Trust has already identified it as its next target neighborhood. However, I would rather see Cleveland Park come back first. It has a great neighborhood park, a great location, great access to all parts of town, and most importantly- quality housing stock.

What do you think?

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I was thinking Fremont St or Arch/Pearl St. Arch is probably the most logical since it carries the most traffic.

That in and of itself is a problem with Spartanburg- neighborhoods other than Converse Heights are poorly identified and not well recognized publicly. For example, I have a friend who used to live on Briarwood and when I asked her was neighborhood the house was in she didn't know (nor did I).

As an aside, the new HOPE VI housing on Howard Street is pretty nice looking. Much better than the old style apartment blocks that used to be there.

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Ok people, if you're voting you should explain why you think what you do :)

So far I am the lone vote for South Converse. My reasoning is that as Hampton Heights improves, that neighborhood is surrounded by several solid neighborhoods including Converse Heights and Duncan Park. That area would be a logical move for anyone- particularly the areas closer to Union St. It also has a decent housing stock, good location, good schools, and reasonable access to Cedar Springs, downtown, Hillcrest, and the Westside. Its essentially like living in any other neighborhood near downtown.... it just lack the prestige and identity of Converse Heights.

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