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From Gville News:


The Federal Transit Administration has awarded the Clemson area's bus system nearly $4 million to buy more electric buses.

The grant, announced today, is part of $55 million allocated to 20 transit providers in 13 states under an FTA program that funds transit buses with zero emissions or low emissions.

Clemson Area Transit, or CAT, already operates six electric buses in the city of Seneca that were manufactured in Greenville by Proterra Inc.

CAT had applied for a little more than $6 million to buy 12 40-foot electric buses to replace 12 aging diesel buses that it operates at Clemson University and the city of Clemson. The original plan also included 14 chargers and a local match of about $4.2 million from the state Department of Transportation, Clemson University and the city of Clemson.

Al Babinicz, CAT’s general manager and CEO, couldn't be reached immediately to explain how CAT would respond to receiving less federal money than it had sought.

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1 hour ago, vicupstate said:

Proterra raises another $55mm

Production will be increased at the Gville plant as part of  this.

With the continued increase of production, I wonder if the cancelled plans for their manufacturing plant at ICAR will get resurrected.

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CARTA purchasing first electric buses from Proterra

The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments was awarded $1.5 million in funding recently as a part of the Federal Transportation Authority Low- or No-Emission Grant program.

Electric buses cost about $500,000 each, roughly $200,000 more than their gas-fueled cousins.

CARTA has applied for additional federal funding that could soon bring the bus order to nine, said spokesman Daniel Brock.

A cornerstone of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act signed into law by Congress in December 2015, the Low-No Grant program is centered on modernizing transit systems through the purchase of buses, which are powered by hybrid or battery engines, according to Proterra.

More than $84 million in funding was awarded to 52 projects in 41 states. About $36 million will be spent on Proterra buses nationally.

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On 9/1/2018 at 10:11 AM, gman430 said:

And yet Greenville still doesn’t have any. Sad and pathetic. 

It's all about the Federal grants. If we got the grants we would get the busses. We need to figure out why our grants don't get approved. Maybe because we spend so little on transit to start with. CARTA is much bigger than GTA.

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