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11 hours ago, Desert Power said:

3 stations?  Is that a newer thing?  Although it would be great to densify those parking lots

This route and station layout was the preferred option in the Pineville/Ballantyne BL extension study last year. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/Pages/Pineville-Ballantyne.aspx

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1 hour ago, MothBeast said:

I am going to guess "transit station" includes buses too

The Transit Station is for the Blue Line Extension to Ballantyne.  Absolutely will happen - only question is will it be in our lifetime?  
Ballantyne does have a few buses - Mostly the 43 Bus which serves the Corporate Park, the 51 Bus along Pineville-Matthews Rd and then several Express Routes 61X and 62X which serves Providence Rd & Rea Rd Corridors.  If the BlueLine is Extended to the Corporate Park then only the 43 Bus would serve those stations unless CATS changes something.  I am a proponent for a “Ballantyne Circulator” Bus that would serve the Entire Area on a loop because the ‘Southern Kingdom’ is quite large and heavily populated.  Not sure what ridership it’d get though....:tw_hushed:

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On 4/22/2020 at 12:16 PM, MothBeast said:

Wait, so the plan involves having three stops for the light rail extension? That seems excessive but I'll leave it to the experts

The Extension will have 5 stops total.  2 for Pineville, 3 for Ballantyne.  The Ballantyne area is large and having three (3) Stops would help drive ridership as it would be more accessible and would drive heavy development as the area is ripe for denser development.  Also - Ballantyne Corporate Park is like the 2nd or 3rd largest Employment center in the City.  I think it’s Uptown, SouthPark, Ballantyne or Uptown, Ballantyne, Southpark

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