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The Builder Concept Home 2010: A Home for the New Economy


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I'm enchanted by this concept home that embraces design wisdom of the past. At 1700 square feet, it is a McMansion alternative. It has an "adaptable suite" that can be a family room, bedroom, or--with one of its closets converted to a kitchenette--a studio apartment. Like an older home, its bedrooms and closets are various sizes, from minuscule to ample. Like a newer home, it has 3.5 bathrooms and a combined living/dining space. Take a look. There's an in-depth virtual tour.

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I like this style of house and the openness of the layout. Reminds me of many of the homes in Charleston, SC that I envy every time I visit. :thumbsup: I really don't see a need for more space than this, even for an average sized family.

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