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Interstate rail connections


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  1. 1. Which connection points?

    • Nash to Louisville+Chat to Atlanta
    • Mem to Little Rock+Knox to Charlotte
    • Mem to Birmingham+Knox to Charlotte
    • other

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So, here is the imaginary scenario. By a stroke of dumb luck, i've just won every major lottery in North America. I've decided to build a high speed rail network connecting the big 4 (MEM-NSH-KNOX-CHAT, with NSH as the hub). However, the U.S. high speed rail network (which had already been built in my dream world) exists like this...


....so we are not connected to the rest of the country. Now, the rail system authority has decided to connect two of these TN cities to their closest line and we get to choose! Which will it be?

A Nashville connection to Louisville will connect us to Chicago.

A Chattanooga connection to Atlanta will link us to the Eastern US (after traveling south)

A Knoxville connection to Charlotte will link us to the Eastern US (quickly to DC)

A Memphis to Little Rock connection will link us to Texas (but not the Southeast)

A Memphis to Birmingham connection will link us to New Orleans and all points east.

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