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Cincinnati's Snowmageddon


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Cincinnati's Snowmageddon

Snowmageddon has made its appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio as we marked our record snowfall for the month at 23.1 inches, besting the previous record of 21.4 inches that was set in 1914. On February 16, the city received up to 8.3 inches of new accumulation, adding to the storm on February 9 and 10 that piled on 6.6 inches, and the storm on February 5 and 6 that dumped 8.1 inches of snow.

That brings the total accumulation this winter to 35.4 inches, or 20.5 inches more than last year at this point. For an even more dramatic comparison, for all of last winter, the city received 21.5 inches of snow.

Selected below are photographs of Cincinnati and Hamilton County during the last three snowfalls.


Alms Park in Cincinnati draped in snow.





An overlook from Eden Park provides a panoramic view of Kentucky.


Mirror Lake at Eden Park.


Sharon Creek at Sharon Woods.



Queen City Square is all but transparent in the snowstorm on February 16.




There were few walking the streets of downtown Cincinnati during the day on Monday, February 16.

Due to restrictions on posting a large number of photos, click through to Cincinnati's Snowmageddon for the remainder.

Enjoy the Snowmageddon that has paralyzed Cincinnati! You know that I'm enjoying this winter weather very much.

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