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Funny (and not so funny) nicknames of Charlotte buildings and landmarks

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It looks like Duke Energy Tower has been nicknamed "Voltron" which I think is a super-cool nickname.

Can you folks think of other examples of famous nicknames? I remember when Charlotte Plaza (201 S. College) was nicknamed "The Darth Vadar" shortly after it's completion. I wonder if it's still called that.

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The firebird statue = the disco chicken.

The cricket/bojangles will always be "The Big I"

Queens/Providence intersection = Q2P2

I've heard BofA stadium called "the vault" but only by the media.

Calvary Church I've heard as the pink elephant.

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I always thought "The Jukebox" (301 S. College) was not only a derogatory nickname, but also a very accurate one.

The tower was a huge deal in 1988 when it was erected. It was the tallest building in the city 1988-1992. But as soon as truly splendid architecture came to Charlotte (Interstate Tower, and BofA Corp, then the IJL) the tower began to look rather pale in comparison. That must have been when it's (seemingly) eternal nickname became so widespread.

In the early 1990s Southern Living Magazine did a layout of Uptown Charlotte's architectural renaissance, and the author made a semi-veiled dig at the tower ( 301 S. College) calling it "shallow grandeur". In so many people's minds, it will always look like an enormous jukebox.:)

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Ha ha - I have a couple of nicknames for buildings and icons around the city.

BofA Tower - Queen Building

Hearst Tower - King Building

Westin - Computer Chip

Duke Energy Tower - Lettuce Shredder

The Arlington - Victoria Secret Headquarters

Oh and definitely the Jukebox building.

This is a cute post - thanks for posting it.

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