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***CAN BE DELETED***Hawaii Tsunami (Watch Live)

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They're saying they think they dodged a bullet but they're not 100% sure. It will be over an hour from now (5:37pm EST) before they think of giving the all clear.

***UPDATE*** Skype stream (has been in and out. server being hit hard)

Hilo Bay cam mostly. Water has drained and filled the bay four times now:


All state parks closed. Hilo airport closed at 6 a.m. All vessels are asked to evacuate state harbors. City bus service is running with additional busses available. USPS delivery WILL commence for areas outside of emergency zones. All ILH events postponed. OIA events will not proceed. Kamehameha Ho'olaule'a will proceed. Unconferenz 2010 postponed. HMSA closed, emergency only.

Disaster Preparation Kit

Food - 5-7 days worth per person. Water- 5-7 days worth per person, drink, sanitation. Medication, toiletries, important papers. Batteries, flash lights, cell phone chargers, first aid kits, toilet paper, rice, essentials.

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