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The Bible Code


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The Bible Code or the Torah Codes was discovered in the Bible during the 1990s. According to researchers and even professional code breakers, There are messages hidden within the original hebrew text of the Bible. These messages reveal events of the future in great detail giving names, places and date. Basically here is how it works. The hebrew letters are stretched out continuously forming what looks like a crossword puzzle. Hidden words are found through an Equidistant Letter skip Sequence. For example you can skip every 25 letters and it forms a word. Codes are discovered by finding clusters of words together that describe an event. Here are example of an actual codes found in the Torah.




There are many codes found in the Bible that describe historical events past, present and Future from World War 2 to ALbert Enstein. September 11th is even encoded. It difficult to find future events because to find them you have to know the future to know what to look for but some future events seems to have been discovered. FOr example in the 1990s a codes was discovered that said there would be a great earthquake in Los Angeles sometime in 2010.


The eerie thing is that its now 2010 and we are seeing a string of earthquakes around the world that have happened within the past month (Haiti, Japan, Ohio and now Chile).

In the book of Daniel there is plain scripture that says "O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" Encoded in that verse is "Bible Code, Sealed before God". These codes could only be found with computers. The scripture says the words will be sealed until the time of the end. That would mean we are in the end times.

here are more codes






This code explains that our DNA code was brought to earth "in a vehicle". It even speaks of an "alien code"




In the plain text of the book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel cleary says that he saw glowing wheels of metal in the sky. He says the wheels have "eyes" all around it which sounds a lot like port holes on a UFO. He goes on to say that the wheels move back and forth like flashes of lightning and that four creatures who had the face of man were inside these wheels. Ezekiel is describing humanoid creatures. This is in the plain text of the Bible no kidding. This clearly sounds like a UFO encounter but what is even more interesting is what was found encoded in those verses. See below


If the codes are real, I think it proves a lot of things. It would prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial and that they had a hand in us being here. And it would prove that time travel is possible. If you believe the codes are real maybe the "encoder" had the capability of time travel which would explain how future events are known in advanced. Time Machine is even encoded in the Torah. Curiously UFOs are reported in the vicinity during major historic events.

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I agree you can find just about any word. However there are words clustered together that describe events through out history. Not only do these clusters describe events but they show dates that correspond to these events. The odds are like one in a billion. Code breakers have also discovered the code and there was no bending of words to make them fit. If the codes are real there are only two explainations. Either God encoded the Bible or someone who had the capability of time travel encoded the Bible. If its the latter then you have to question who inspired the Bible. God or someone else.

It has been suggested that the Bible Code is actually the secret "sealed book" thats mentioned in the plain text of the Bible.






The Bible Code says in the year 2113 the world will be depopulated. 2012 is mentioned too.




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I believe the bible was inspired work but not by a supernatural force but by a small group of people who wished to control how a much larger group of people believed and lived their lives. By preying on the ignorance of the many in the early years of humanity's existance the religious elite established a control that exists this day.

In time the fallacy of organized religion will be exposed and all of the human race can be focused on making our lives free of the hatred and bigotry that organized religion advocates now.

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Will the L.A. earthquake bible code be fufilled? THe code below was found more than 10 years ago. Its 2010 which seems to be an active year for earthqukes and now people are asking questions. Ohio has already experienced tremors and there was a small quake in Japan the other week. Scientists say that many times smaller or moderate earthquakes precede a bigger one. If it happens, it will prove the Bible Code is real. and if the Bible Code is real, what about predictions that it makes for 2012 and the acknowledgement of UFOs/ET? The code says a comet will hit the earth in 2012 killing many people on the planet and we all know the Mayans believed something would happen in 2012 AD. Some how the ancient Mayans knew the tracks and projections of stars, comets, ect thousands of years in advanced so maybe they knew something that we dont know today. Some may say that Astronomers today would see a comet or astroid approaching ahead of time but thats not always the case. There have been some surprise astroids that have come close to the earth in recent years. I hope the code is wrong because if "The Big One" does hit Los Angeles, we would many deaths. But is it so far fetched considering that most of America believes in a supreme being that watches our every move?

Big Quake Coming For U.S.? (CBS News)



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IMO you can bend random letters into anything you want. Take a word search for example. You can always find words that aren't on the list, just from the randomness of the word search.

I second that. You can put me in skeptic column on this one.

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I think its real easy to just sit back and say people are just twisting words around so they will have meaning just because the claims are extraordinary. Then there are those who actually do the research like many of the top code breakers and discover there is something to this. In fact one top code breaker who has worked for the United States government has said there is something to it.

Howard Gans a senior cryptologic mathematician at the pentagon (code-breaker) with 28 years of experience from the U.S. national security Administration heard about the Bible code, and decided to investigate. He is an Orthodox Jew and knows Hebrew. He figured he would prove it a hoax. He wrote his own computer program, and checked out one list of the Rabbis and then the other. His computer program found the same information, but he could not believe it. The data was correctly matched which seemed to rule out random chance.

He decided to look for entirely new information. "If this was real," said Gans, "then I figured that the cities where these men were born and died ought to be encoded as well." In his 440-hour experiment Gans checked not only the names of the thirty-two sages Rips used, but also thirty four others from an earlier list, checking all sixty-six against the names of the cities. The results made him a believer. "It sent a chill up my spine," recalled the Pentagon code-breaker. The cities also matched the names of the sages in the Bible code


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The interesting thing about the Bible is that there are so many hidden sentences that tell of future events. It is hard to predict the future using the codes because you have to know the future to know what to look for. You might find a cluster of words that describe an event but what if two codes are being mixed up describing separate events at separate times? Some words may be missing. The codes only seem to be found after the fact. Remember this isn't about finding random words in the Bible to tell a story. That can be done in just about any book. What makes the Bible Code so unusual is that these words that describe an event are cluster together in the matrix. The only way to discover the codes is to run the Hebrew characters in a continuous line matrix. That's the exact format that "God" gave the first five books in the Bible to Moses. The Bible codes also mention "aliens" on earth and its direct relationship to human DNA. One code near the alien code says "human alien" which could be in reference to the Nephilim in the plain text of the Bible. According to the plain text in the Bible, "angels" came to earth and created mixed angel/human offspring called the Nephilim. Goliath was one of those mixed offspring. The book of Noah is a small book within the Book of Enoch (removed from the Bible by the Catholic church). That scripture says God was not pleased with this unholy union between humans and fallen angels so he created the great flood to kill off mankind basically because human DNA was tainted. In the book of Enoch the fallen angels are also called "the watchers". The plain text of the bible says Noah was "perfect in his generation" so he and his family were chosen to repopulate the earth. "perfect in his generation" could mean he was genetically perfect. This sounds a lot like an ancient version of alien abductions where allegedly aliens are abducting humans, taking semen and egg samples to create a mixed human/alien. Abductees often describe seeing these hybrids.

One code says human DNA came to earth in a metal "vessel". "Time Machine" is mentioned. Could that explain how "future" events were known in advanced?

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