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Tonight's US Senate debate (Democratic)


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I have to admit, I'm a big Blumenthal guy, and I've never heard of Alpert. Alpert made some good point, but he's WAY too melodramatic for my taste, and just wouldn't shut up about his military service. It's be like having William Shatner in the US Senate. Blumenthal did a pretty good job, not as good as I'd have liked, but he should skate through this...

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I had missed the debate a month ago. However, I'm intrigued a lot about Alpert. If there was a primary, I would support him.

However - I worry a lot about what is currently unfolding right now. Blumenthal is content on coasting on his name and fame, refusing to even debate Alpert, seemingly thinking Alpert is beneath him and a non-factor. If Blumenthal was smart, he'd wake up and realize he's the next Martha Coakley unless he and the state Democrats change this act.

I'm not even advocating that Alpert should replace Blumenthal as the Democratic candidate. I'm just saying, Blumenthal needs to get off his high horse and show some initiative or he's going to get crushed like Coakley did a few months ago.

Linda McMahon is going to be an even bigger tsunami wave than Scott Brown was in Mass. McMahon has tons of money to burn, more resources which Brown didn't have. This is a dangerous thing to sit back and let grow.

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