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Regional One Crashes!

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Spartanburg Regional Medical Center's (SRMC or Regional as locals call it) emergency helicopter, Regional One, crashed this morning. It was on call for an injury in Northern Newberrry County near Jalapa at I-26 when it crashed. All 4 people in the helicopter died. The emergency services first tried a couple of helicopters in Columbia, but one was on call and another was grounded due to fog. (Newberry County is techincally in the Columbia service area) Both Greenville and Spartanburg were called, but Spartanburg was first to respond. They made it to the sceen of the injury, and they were had just taken off when it then crashed. A reason for its crash has yet to be determined, but an investigation is under way.



Regional One's service area was Spartanburg, Cherokee, Union, Laurens, Polk (NC) and Rutherford (NC) Counties.

Here is a map of response times for Regional One prived by the SRMC website.


The site is about where the I-26 symbol is in northern Newberry County.

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Some other local information:

Greenville's Med-helicopter is called Med Trans One. Med-Trans One is an independent Air Medical Service located at Donaldson Center, outside Greenville, SC. Here is its coverage area:


Columbia has three med-helicopters. Two are called "CareForce." Both are owned by Palmetto Health and based at Palmetto Richland (one of many of their hospitals). The other is owned by Providence Hospital and it is called "Life Reach." I couldn't find a map of its service area, however, it inclues the Counties in SC west of Greenville, Southwestern NC, and Northeastern GA.

Charleston's is called Meducare. It seems to also be an independant Air Med-Service. Here is its Service radius:


It seems that only Level 3 trauma centers have helicopters. In SC the level 3 trauma centers are in Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston. Florence's McLeod Health is a Level 2, and it serves a 12 county area that includes parts of NC.

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