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Pavement to Parks


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I was reading about San Francisco's Pavement to Parks initiative, and was immediately inspired to wonder what little pockets of excess paving could be reclaimed for community space.

The first space that came to mind was that behemoth intersection of 28th/Jordan and Davidson. Especially with a future BLE station nearby, just imagine what it could be like if those massive swaths of unused pavement were reclaimed by mini parks and pedestrian plaza space.

I think Central/Louis/10th is another great candidate. That could become a really wonderful public node for Belmont/PM.

What other places for cars could be - should be - reclaimed as places for people?

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Got another: West side of North Smith Street in Uptown from W. 6th to the ADM Mill area.

Right now it's all NCDOT property and parking lots that really doesn't hold much potential for commercial residential development due to the current rail tracks and the future construction that will be happening there for the high speed rail. That said I really could see that become a great strip park with dog runs and jogging track if it was allowed to run continuous from one end to the other.

Hell put some industrial metal art sculptures in it too and make it a funky city park

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